Food for the Expedition

You will need to bring your own food with you.

Students will need to bring sufficient food for the duration of their Expedition.


You can bring ingredients for a hot or cold breakfast. Items like cereals or porridge oats are ideal.


You will need to bring ingredients to make your own packed lunches each day of your expedition, except for arrival day, as you can bring a pre-packed lunch.


You will need to bring ingredients to cook on a camp stove. This is an essential part of your expedition criteria.

Water and other drinks:

You can bring refillable water bottles; all campsites have clean running drinking water on site. You do not need to bring lots of bottled water. Two 1ltr bottles or one 2ltr bottle will be sufficient to refill as you go.

You can bring tea, coffee or hot chocolate, or any other hot drink you like, to make at breakfast or dinner.

A food information sheet can be downloaded here to remind you what might be suitable. Please work together in your expedition teams so you can decide what you want to eat on your expeditions. If you want further help with this, please ask your DofE Manager, Ian Coward ([email protected]) or contact Adventure Expeditions directly at [email protected].