Personal Kit

Packing checklist for Students.

Group Kit

Please leave space in your rucksack for your group kit. These items will be given to you upon arrival/after training and/or pre-expedition checks. Group kit is provided, so you don’t need to bring or purchase these items. Group kit is split evenly between yourself and your team members. Group kit is:

  • Tent;
  • Trangia camping stove and cooking pots;
  • Gas;
  • Emergency shelter;
  • First aid kit (this is additional to any personal first aid kit and/or medications).

Personal Kit - Packing Checklist

Type of kit



Rucksack: 55-75 litres with padded waist strap

Rucksacks can be borrowed from your school/college.

Please apply click here to apply for a Rucksack.

Rucksack liner or thick bin liners to protect contents from rain

Sleeping / insulation

Sleeping Bag - 3 Season

Optional sleeping bag liner

Sleeping Mat


Walking Boots (must have ankle support and a sturdy sole)

Optional - lightweight additional shoes for the campsite (such as sliders)


Jacket, with attached hood and taped seams. Click on the link here to see what taped seams are (other brands are available): Taped Seams

Over trousers (again, with taped seams)



Socks (consider using a combination of thin and thick socks)

Thermal bottoms/leggings

Thermal top/long sleeved top

Walking trousers (not jeans, joggers, or cotton trousers)

T-shirt (not cotton, must cover shoulders and torso)

Thin jumper/fleece

Thick jumper/fleece/insulating layer

Optional - shorts

Woolly hat


Sun hat

Spare Clothing

Spare clothing; One COMPLETE change of clothing in case you get wet.

Tip: Spare clothes can also be used as pyjamas

First Aid

Small personal first aid kit including blister plasters

Any medications that you need, with daily dosage details


Toothbrush and toothpaste


Toilet paper (not the whole roll) and small plastic zip lock bag for waste

Tip: Waste can be disposed of at the campsite each day.

Period sanitary products (if required) and small plastic zip lock bag for waste

Tip: Waste can be disposed of at the campsite each day.

Small bottle of hand sanitiser

Optional - earplugs


Use the Food Information sheet and the Food Planner to help you decide what to bring

Spare/extra food for emergencies – please keep this separate inside your rucksack

Plastic bags for rubbish during the day. Waste can be disposed of at the campsite each day.

Eating Utensils

Spork or knife, fork, and spoon

Lightweight mug

Lightweight bowl

Washing up sponge and a small bottle of washing up liquid

Matches or kitchen lighter for lighting your stove (please keep these dry)


Compass (Base Plate. Silva Expedition 4 is recommended)



2x 1 Litre refillable water bottles (these can be refilled at the campsite each day)

Headtorch or torch (other than the torch on your phone) (plus spare batteries).

Sun cream and optional sunglasses

Mobile phone for emergency use in a dry bag, plastic bag or zip lock bag.

Pen/pencil and paper (for work on expedition activities and for use in emergencies)


Weight of packed expedition rucksacks

Carrying your expedition rucksack means an extra load on your joints and back and we want to ensure that you have both a safe and enjoyable time on expedition with us. The DofE ask that your packed expedition rucksack weighs less than 25% of your body weight (this includes food and 2 litres of water).

We therefore ask that you ensure that you have an accurate and up to date measurement of your body weight before joining us so that you can take responsibility for ensuring that the weight of your rucksack does not exceed 25% while packing.

The weight of your personal share of group kit issued to your team will be a maximum of 4kg.

Please ensure that you pack all items on the kit list but not any unnecessary items or ones that are not listed and aim to make lighter swaps for items of kit where these are available to you. All packed Rucksacks will be weighed and checked by Instructors

Remember: weight of your packed expedition rucksack (including food and 2 litres of water) + 4kg (for group kit) should = <25% of your body weight.